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Our Lady Help of Christians – Utica, NY

Our Lady Help of Christians is a community of Traditional Roman Catholics. 

WE ARE NOT SEDEVACANTISTS. We are bringing the Traditional Latin Mass to Utica, NY. We celebrate the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Mass handed down to the Catholic Church by Christ himself, celebrated by Catholic Saints throughout the centuries.

We welcome all to come to the Traditional Latin Mass, even if you have never been to one before. We think you will find the solemn beauty, majesty and reverence of the one True Mass a marvelous benefit for your soul.

You will notice at a Traditional Latin Mass there is reverent silence in the chapel before and during Mass. Women and girls wear headscarves or a veil, and dress modestly in skirts or dresses. Men dress formally, no jeans, hats or tee shirts. Many people have a daily Missal that they bring to follow along with the priest. The Rosary is usually said before Mass while Confessions take place. The entire Mass is said in Latin, with the exception of The Epistle and Gospel repeated in English, and the homily is in English as well. Parts you will be unable to hear, which is part of the Holy Mystery of the Faith. There is no Eucharist in the hand.

We hope to see you at our Masses usually the third or fourth Sunday of each month. Come and experience the joy of the Traditional Latin Mass with us. Currently we have an arrangement to use the banquet facility at Alee’s Restaurant, 247 Elizabeth St., Utica NY 13501 to celebrate Mass, but on occasion Mass may be held at other locations. Make sure and contact us at 315-557-6609 or Email Us at and Not Alee’s Restaurant if you have any questions.