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Mass Intentions – The Greatest Prayer Ever Offered

Mass Intentions
The Greatest Prayer Ever Offered

Each priest offers the sacrifice of only-begotten Son of God daily in which he offers the world and its salvation to the Father. Each priest has the privilege of offering this sacrifice for a specific intention which is determined by the request of the faithful. The faithful generally offer a “stipend” to the priest for directing the Mass toward a living or a dead person.

The priest keeps a calendar with the intentions for each mass. Some faithful wish to offer a single mass (1 Mass), a triduum of Masses (3 Masses), a Novena of Masses (9 Masses) or even a Gregorian Mass (30 Masses).  The Gregorian Mass of 30 days straight is always for the deceased and not for the living.

When offering one mass the general stipend is $20, a novena is $200 and a Gregorian can range from$700 on up depending upon the donor’s free will.

We offer masses for specific intentions, for favors received, for the souls in purgatory, for civic leadership, for family members, etc. Recall that this is the greatest prayer possible and the strongest in achieving the spiritual requests which are in our hearts.

At certain times of the year the priest will offer a novena of masses in which intentions are gathered (e.g. November – Month of the holy souls). At these special times an offering is given to the priest or church in order to have a number of people or intentions to be prayed for. This offering is a free will gift and not the same as a mass stipend which determines the specific intention of the daily mass of the priest.

If you interested in offering this great act of Reparation for the sins of one’s life, for a deceased soul, etc. then mail your Mass Intentions request to:

Fr. Richard Voigt
22270 43rd Ave
St. Augusta, MN   56301