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15th Sunday After Pentecost

Can you imagine who this widow might be who just lost an only son? By the cross on Calvary our Lady lost her Spouse when He gave up His life for the salvation of all those dead in sin. That only son has to be touched by the Life Giver Himself. Today we are experiencing the onslaught of the demonic’s deceptions such that man in general is dying through the mortal sins that are present in our midst.

Abortionists are trying to tell us that God wants this great act of mercy. Euthanasians plead that they have only the well being of the elderly, the infirmed, the disabled at heart. Both groups see death as the solution to what they call pain. Inconvenience is a pain and so take the life away and there is no more inconvenience. Has our society gone insane? Yes, because it has rejected the healing touch of Jesus Who wishes to bring back these lost souls to their mother, a widow who gathers in the children of God.

Who were the pall bearers of the sole son of the widow? The four elements that make up this earth of ours. Satan has enriched the Jewish sect that cried for the Spouse’s death to use the elements of this world to seduce the goyim into thinking that this world is the heaven we seek. Why obey the commandments of God which give us no pleasure at all? Why not obey our instincts and passions and accept the pleasure they offer? It falls back to the reality of life itself. We can choose to life physically while neglecting the intellect and denying our souls. We could center on the sciences of the world and forget the ultimate quest of saving a soul. Or we could put the whole project of life in order by subjecting our intellect and our bodies to the sweet command of the soul. If we did this then the Catholic faith means everything to us.

The battle lines have been drawn and Satan has his cohorts (Jews, Masons, Communists, Feminists, Abortionists, etc.) Our Lord Jesus Christ will challenge the immense pride of these harbingers of death with the power of a widow (her purity, humility, modesty, wisdom,
courage, etc.) As St. Paul reminds us that the action of Satan begets murder, rape, sensuality, anger, envies, etc. and they who do these things will not enter the kingdom of God. While the fruit of our Lady leads to charity, kindness, gentleness, knowledge, peace, etc. and against such there is no law.

Now you and I both know that time is running out for the evil one. Be prepared with a year’s food supply, have your homes consecrated to the Sacred Heart, be sure to have your palm crosses over each window and be able to block out the windows as well. Go to Marie Jahenny who outlines the three days of darkness and what a Catholic Family needs. Be sure to have a blessed candle for that time. Prepare with an increase of rosaries during your day. The signs of the times are all around us with the elements warring against man who has so increased his war with God. Turn to our Lady of Sorrows and meditate on the mysteries of the sorrows. She alone can help us and she is ready to use all the power of our prayers to bring us through this crisis. Let us prepare for the touch of her son and the new life
He shall give us through this holy Widow.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt

P.S. I began swimming a quarter mile this week…still healing.

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